It's Time for Conservatives to Take Over the GOP

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May 17, 2021 Press Release: Kentucky Republicans - Election Malpractice


Are you a conservative, pro-Trump Republican?  Do you support Trump's "America First" policies?  Are you unhappy with Republican elites like Mitch McConnell who want Trump and his supporters purged from the party?


Conservative Republicans are upset and there is lots to make them angry.  There was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election and it has been ignored.  We are angry that party "leaders" like Mitch McConnell, Nikki Haley and others have turned against President Donald Trump,  These are the same bunch of Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump, who voted to convict Donald Trump and who refuse to to condemn the RINOs* involved in that impeachment.


Some Republicans are talking about forming a new party but that is silly.  The vast majority of Republican voters support Trump policies.  Why should we leave the party; they should leave the party.  The problem is not that we are in the minority, the problem is that the minority of Republicans are running our party.


It's time for conservative Republicans to "Take Over the GOP".  It's our party, it belongs to us.  We just need to get rid of the RINOs at the top.




How did the minority of Republicans rise to leadership in our party?  How can we replace those leaders with conservative Republicans who support conservative "America First" policies?


Those are the questions that this website will try to address.  Most have no idea how people get into positions of leadership in our state parties, and those same leaders DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW, they want to hide the process from you.


This website will help you "Take over the GOP".  Once you understand how the "game works", and once you get off the bench and into the game, we can make this the party of Donald Trump and NOT the party of Mitch McConnell.


Learn How to Take Over the GOP


*RINO - an acronym meaning "Republican in Name Only", a term typically given to a Republican who behaves more like a Democrat.  Note, Democrats do not have DINOs.  If a Democrat deviates from the Democrat mantra, they care "cancelled".  It's time for Republicans to start cancelling RINOs.